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Legislation - Washington DC

Consumers League of New Jersey opposes federal bills which  eliminate consumer protections. For example, the Consumers League has opposed federal bills to preempt the strong protections which states such as New Jersey have to limit the interest rates for rent to own transactions.

Consumers League of New Jersey opposes any efforts to weaken the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau of the Federal Reserve Board, or the Federal Trade Commission.

The Consumers League opposed the Bankruptcy “reform” act of 2005, enacted by Congress after years of lobbying and contributions by the banking industry. After several years of experience with this 2005 law,  CLNJ believes that the main results have been to increase the paperwork burden on consumer debtors and bankruptcy attorneys. The law was sold on the mistaken premise that most debtors could afford to pay a chapter 13 payment plan. Many chapter 13 payment plans fail because the debtor simply does not have enough money to repay all his or her debts. Most debtors are persons below the state median income, and so are eligible to file chapter 7 bankruptcy for debt forgiveness.

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